Homeopathy for All Ages

There is a vast variety of homeopathic medicines available, prepared to focus the different age groups and different illnesses associated with the age. Naturally prepared homeopathic medicines are suitable to  any person regardless if its a baby or an adult or any old person.

Usefulness of homeopathy in age related conditions is mentioned below:

  • Fetus- developmental defects and growth issues

  • Children- (newborns, children and teenagers)- delayed milestones, behavioral issues, ADHD, concentration issue, autism, ODD, down syndrome, anxiety issues etc

  • Adult- diseases involving different body systems, nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, excretory system, reproductive system, musculoskeletal system, sensory organs diseases, skin disorders, mental issue, psychological issues etc

  • Old age- anxiety disorders, depression, age related weakness, various neural disorders etc.


Homeopathic medicines not only start affecting changes after the birth of the baby, but they can also be prescribed right after the conception in case of high risk pregnancies, involving various developmental issues of the fetus, thus caring for both the mother and the child.