Drug Addiction

Perspectives on drug addiction often vary; with a group of people viewing it was negative, destructive, and overall repulsive. While people with opposing perspectives view drug addiction from a less judgemental pretence, to the point where they even go as far to award those with these addictive behaviours.

It is widely believed that addictive behaviour stems from one of two (At times both) factors: the need for pleasure, and the rejection of pain. Homeopathic study supports the notion that at the root of all addictions is the need to feel loved. Homeopathic medicine is given with the goal of minimizing the influence of whatever it was that caused the addictive behaviour within the individual. To achieve this outcome, a Homeopath would observe how the addiction has impacted both their patient’s physical, and mental state, and prescribe remedies that will eradicate whatever may be halting the growth of their life force.