The inability to sleep (Whether it be initiating, or maintaining sleep) is commonly referred to as insomnia. Symptoms of insomnia include:

    • Waking up at night frequently
    • Early morning rousing
    • The inability to fall back asleep after waking up
    • Not being able to fall asleep


Individuals who deal with insomnia often lack energy throughout their day, experience a series of mood swings, and sometimes struggle to maintain healthy relationships. Sleep disorders such as insomnia even deter the body’s ability to heal from minor and major illnesses, while also diminishing their sex drive.

A Homeopath’s approach in offering treatment for a patient with insomnia differs and is strictly based on the fundamental principles of homeopathy . A Homeopath will not provide medicine that will encourage artificial sleep, but instead take the ‘like cure’ approach. This is done by administering small doses of the potentised homeopathic medicines.